We can position every kind of website and eCommerce in the firsts Google result pages


What is SEO?

Just three simple letters that hide a more complex meaning inside. Before showing you how we can help you and let you business grow, we will try to explain you what SEO really is.

Why is it important to position a Website?

Not being on the main search engines is like being invisible to the eyes of the Internet users. A good SEO strategy aims to make a website reliable for Search Engines in order to appear in the result pages for the main keywords related to your core business. Being positioned in the firsts results gives you a good advantage on your competitors: the rerturn you have on the imag of the business is a big value that will give its results in terms of customers and sales in the medium-long run.

SEO Strategy

A good SEO strategy is made of some main steps:

  • Identification and definition of the keywords;

  • On-site optimisation, that is a series of usefull interventions that aim to make the site idexable by Google Optimisation;

  • Activities that aim to increase the popularity of the Website;

  • Analysis and Monitoring of the Results: analysis of the positioning related to the business you own, with specific tools.

The process that allows your site to be indexed and optimised is not immediate, but it takes from 3 to 12 months and needs constant analysis and monitoring

SEO Consultancy

Our SEO consultancyis personalised, because every websites needs it own defined and deep analysis

Consultancy and Costs for SEO Optimisation

  • Keywords analysis taking into accout the reference market and users researches on Google

  • Analysis of the current website positioning and analysis of the elements that can lead to a negative result for your positioning. (Negative SEO)

  • Website optimisation starting from the homepage till every internal page and potential category pages.

  • Consultancy on Google setup tools about SEO management.

  • Text analysis and suggestion to create landing pages and edit contents.

  • Feasibility study of the keywords analysed for the positioning

Costs for a good SEO positioning may vary from 300 euros, depending on de website and the work that has to be done to optimise it


Seo Audit

Optimising a website is a work that requires time and patience to analyse all the data from the website that has to be optimised and thake the right decision that will enhance the usability from the search engines' spiders. The SEO is not that easy: first of all, a SEO specialist has to keep analysing and monitoring the website, so he can find the margin of improvement and check that the imporvements done bring the results hoped, in the short, medium and long run. The analysis, therefore, is just one of the steps that's needed for a whole optimisation campaign.

The SEO Position ? Search Engine Optimization ? Studies how to position a web site or an eCommerce in the firsts result pages ? SERP ? of the Searche Engines. It is an exact science and it is done by experts snd technicians like the ones from Optimized Group that ensures inquarable results. Everyone knows how it is important to appear in the first Google page, and as a Web Agency, we will help you climb the SERP.

Our Web Agency INFORMATICAZONE is able to position your eCommerce website in the firsts result pages in search engines like Google, through a deep study of the keywords and description.

With a a good SEO position on the search engines you can:

  • reach the widest publlic basin, the Internet Users;
  • increase the number of access and visitors on you site;
  • increase the quality of the visitors;
  • increase the reputation and the prestige of your brand or product;
  • increase the number of contacts and requests;
  • increase the number of sales and bookings;
  • optimise the return on investments.

Our Web Marketing Team is specialised in the SEO Positioning on search engines field and has a great experience in many fields and markets on the Internet, in particular the following sectors: turism, education, international markets and goods and services sale.

The success of our work is strategic for the success of our customers, for that our Web Marketing Team offers  solutions adaptable to different realities. We have been offering different services for years; our services go from a "simple" consultancy for your SEO positioning to more complex axtivities and also a complete pack (that includes SEO activities, Web Marketing and Social Marketing).